Welcome to Klear Water Systems

Established in the water softening business since 1980 in the South West of England, we specialise in American block salt water systems, but we also have other makes and types available. Run as a family business, you can be sure that our advice is sound and the personal touch is in our opinion, as important as the stock and installation. We cater for household and industrial appliances alike from our shop in the pleasant market town of Chippenham, Wiltshire.


Do you have a problem with hard water?


Water. We take it for granted, but the right water in your home could save you money and help protect the environment. A water softener from Klear Water Systems removes lime scale build up, making boilers and immersion heaters much more efficient and you use far less shampoo, detergents and soap, which has to be good for the environment.


Klear Water Systems with a K, the difference is clear. Regardless of your water treatment needs, be it softening, filtration and purification for drinking, we can advise, supply and provide installation, all in-house.


If you live in a hard water area of which up to 80% of the country is, you will suffer the effects in your home. You will see scale in your kettle and around the taps and bathroom fittings, also around the kitchen sink and even tea stains around the waste. Did you know you can’t stain stainless steel with tea? It’s the scale on the surface of the sink that’s been stained! What you won’t see though is the scale in the pipe work around your home, blocking and restricting the flow to your taps. The scale builds up on the heat exchanger inside your hot water cylinder or boiler, preventing the transfer of heat through to your water.