Water Softener Types


Original technology but using Block Salt Delivers soft water to your home 24 hours a day.

Twin tank design for optimum performance

Portable if moving home

Block Salt (tablet salt optional)

Low water usage, Non-electrical, water powered, Suits all UK plumbing systems, Compact and durable cabinet design.

Other Larger Domestic and commercial Units



crown_softener250x250The CROWN softener is marketed under several different names, i.e Twin Tec, Calmag, Harvey’s, Mini Max and a lot more, it comes in different casings but is the same system in them all. Basically if it’s a twin cylinder non-electric water softener, then it will most likely be one of these makes. Made in the UK, attempting to compete with the proven American system, it runs on the dual parallel flow system, meaning both cylinders are online together, but take it in turn to shut down to regenerate, it does not do a back wash at the end of regeneration , this is to try and reduce the amount of water used during regeneration. Unfortunately this means that if there is any problem, there is a high risk of leaving salt in the water, due to not having the fail safety of a BACKWASH, which ensures the total removal of brine from the resin before coming back online.